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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Banned books around the world

World Literature Today of Oklahoma University lists in its September-October issue recently banned books around the world, as compiled by David Shook:

"Paulo Coelho (Brazil), O Zahir (2005; Eng. The Zahir,
2005), banned in Iran
Duong Thu Huong, Chon vang (Eng. No Man’s Land,
2005), banned in Vietnam [see review on page 58 of
this issue]
Shirin Ebadi, Iran Awakening: A Memoir of Revolution
and Hope (2006), banned in Iran [winner of the Nobel
Peace Prize in 2003]
Nuruddin Farah, From a Crooked Rib (1970, 2006), banned
in Somalia
Ismail Kadare, Pasardhësi (2003; Eng. The Successor,
2005), banned in Albania
Ma Jian, Stick Out Your Tongue (2006), banned in China
[see review on page 65 of this issue]
Mian Mian, Tang (2000; Eng. Candy, 2003), banned in
Pierre Mujomba, La dernière envelope (2003; The last
envelope), banned in Congo
Taslima Nasrin, Shei Shab Andhakar (2004; All that darkness),
banned in Bangladesh
Stanley Parks (England), FIFA 192: The True Story Behind
the Legend of the Brunei National Football Team (2004),
banned in Brunei
Raúl Rivero, Vida y oficios: Los poemas de la cárcel (2006),
banned in Cuba
Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Tjerita dari Blora (1963; Eng. All
That Is Gone, 2004), banned in Indonesia [see review
on page 60 of this issue]
Yan Lianke, Serve the People (2006), banned in China
Müslüm Yücel, Kına ve Ayna (2003; Henna and mirror),
banned in Turkey"

The issue contains several articles on censorship and freedom of expression.

Note: Thanks to Elaine Anderson, whose entry in her blog Farenheit 451: Banned Books brought this journal to my attention. Anderson also notes an article from the Committee to Protect Journalists last May in which it described repression under the ten most censored countries of the world: North Korea, Burma, Turkmenistan, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Eritrea, Cuba, Uzbekistan, Syria and Belarus.


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