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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Vietnam dissidents protest APEC summit repression

This statement of dissidents on the APEC summit, issued Saturday, was sent to me by a friend. - Steve Denney

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Appeal to the International Community:

On the Repression of Vietnamese Democratic Dissidents During the APEC Summit by the Communist Regime in Vietnam

The Government of Vietnam has carried out harsh repressive measures against Vietnamese democracy-loving dissidents during the APEC Summit, out of fear of being exposed to an international audience on their suppression of human rights and on the social evils created by this totalitarian regime.

Those harsh, barbarous measures include:

Disconnecting telephones, scrambling waves to prevent dissidents from communicating with each other or with the international media.

Confiscating computers, blocking internet access so that dissidents are prevented from exchanging emails or accessing the internet.

Isolating dissidents from foreign journalists by erecting English signs such as "No Foreigners", "Restricted Area" or "No Trespassing" or creating unrest in areas where dissidents live.

Surrounding dissidents, by placing police security guarding their residence. No exit or entry is authorized so as to isolate them.

Resorting to violence, using force to arrest and to assault dissidents such as the case of Dr. Pham Hong Son on the November 17, 2006.

We, the undersigned, strongly condemn this violent conduct, which gravely violates human rights by the Vietnamese government.

We request the Vietnamese government to cease immediately this course of action and pay proper compensation for the material damages it has caused to its victims.

We earnestly call on the democracy=loving governments and people in the world, especially those nations attending the APEC Summit, to take necessary measures to prevent such barbarous conduct, which gravely violates human rights, by the government of Vietnam, relative to Vietnamese citizens who dearly love democracy and freedom.

Hanoi, November 18, 2006

Nguyen Phuong Anh, Engineer
Nguyen Van Dai, Lawyer
Bach Ngoc Duong, Engineer
Pham Que Duong, Retired Colonel
Nguyen Thanh Giang, Ph. D.
Do Nam Hai, Engineer
Nguyen Chinh Ket, Professor
Tran Anh Kim, Lt. Colonel, retired
Nguyen Van Ly, Catholic Father
Le Thi Cong Nhan, Lawyer
Ms Vu Thanh Phuong
Vu Cao Quan, Retired Army Officer
Pham Hong Son, M.D.
Ms Le Thi Kim Thu
Ms Tran Khai Thanh Thuy, Writer
Hoang Tien, Writer
Nguyen Khac Toan, Journalist
Le Tri Tue, Veteran


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