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Monday, February 12, 2007

Anti-conservative censorship on college campuses

Jack Stephens of Conservator cites a lengthy article by John Leo describing censorship in American universities against those perceived to be conservative, or advancing conservative ideas. The most ridiculous case, which Jack has discussed several times, is probably that of Scott Savage, a librarian at Ohio State Mansfield, who had a sexual harassment complaint filed against him by two professors after he recommended four conservative books for a freshman reading list. The two professors felt that one of the recommended books, The Marketing of Evil, by David Kupelian was threatening to them because of its criticism of homosexuality. The university dropped the investigation after after "a burst of publicity and a threat to sue," according to Leo.

At my university here at U.C. Berkeley, there have been a few similar incidents over my 24 years here, of conservative speakers being shouted down by protesters, or newspapers being stolen (at one time the mayor of our city stole the student paper, but was caught).


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