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Friday, September 29, 2006

Online forum on international press issues

The Washington Post has created a new online forum, PostGlobal, hosted by David Ignatius and Fareed Zakaria, in which a panel of journalists address international topics. Readers who sign up can participate in the discussions. This week's topic is press censorship. Highly recommended for the variety of views and perspectives presented. Here is how this week's question is posed:

"China has just passed a restrictive new press law; the mullahs in Iran recently closed the country's leading liberal newspaper; a coup in Thailand threatens press freedom there.
How free are journalists in your country? Even where there isn't outright censorship, how much self-censorship goes on? How can journalists work together to protect each other and our common goal of open communications?"

A variety of journalists from around the world address this question.

Note: The forum has now moved to another topic, who should be the next United Nations Secretary General? For the press censorship topic, go toward the bottom of the page where it is listed under Past Questions.


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