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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Critic of Guantanamo and Pakistan agency missing

Abdul Rahim Muslim Dost, a former prisoner of Guantanamo who co-authored with his brother a book about their prison experiences, is now missing. He was taken away Sept. 29, about three weeks after the book's release, as he left a mosque after prayers in Peshawar, Pakistan. The 450-page book, The Broken Shackles of Guantanamo, is highly critical of both conditions at Guantanamo and the Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence agency. According to Associated Press, Dost "has written more than 30 books, including poetry, and has edited magazines sympathetic to militant Islam, dating back to support for the Muslim guerrillas who fought Soviet troops occupying Afghanistan in the 1980s." He was accused of running a liaison office for al-Qaida in Herat, Afghanistan, a charge which he denied. He and his brother Badruz Zaman Badar were released from prison in 2005. Amnesty International believes Dost was arrested because of the book's criticism of the Pakistan intelligence agency, and says there have been hundreds of disappearances of suspected individuals in Pakistan as part of the war on terror, with prisoners held incommunicado and deprived of basic rights.


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