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Friday, January 26, 2007

Ban on global warming film lifted

The Federal Way school district in Washington state has lifted a two-week ban on the showing of Al Gore's documentary about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, but with the proviso that if the film is shown opposing views on global warming must also be presented. The controversy began when the district distributed a newsletter notifying teachers about free copies of the film for use in classrooms, but some parents objected.

A seventh grade science teacher of this district was informed by her principal that she would receive a disciplinary letter for attempting to show this film. She was told she was not following school board rules that require her to seek written permission to present "controversial" materials in class, according to an article by Blaine Harden of the Washington Post.

Associated Press reports that in Yakima, "members of Eisenhower High School's Environmental Club had planned last week to show the film after school, but the school's principal put the brakes on the screening when she heard about the plans."


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