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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Creationist book at Grand Canyon: group demands it be banned

The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility has asked new National Park Service Director Mary Bomar to remove the book Grand Canyon: a Different View from the Grand Canyon's South Rim store shelves. The book argues that the Grand Canyon was created a few thousand years ago, rather than five to six million years ago as commonly believed by geologists, with some rock layers dating to 1.7 billion years.

The book has been available at the store for the last three years. "We do not use the creationist text in our teaching, nor do we endorse its content. However, it is not our place to censor alternate beliefs," Park Service spokesman David Barna said.


Blogger Ranger X said...

PEER also falsely accused the NPS of not allowing rangers to talk about science and the age of the canyon. There are bigger fish to fry. Read my blog for more info:

4:07 PM  
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