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Friday, March 02, 2007

China bans reporting on 20 issues

China's Central Propaganda Department has instructed the state-controlled media it cannot report on 20 issues. Among the prohibited issues, according to Ming Pao (March 1), a Hong Kong based publication:

- The 50th anniversary of the Anti-Rightist struggle
- The July 7 Incident of 1937
- Excessive reporting on Chinese weaponry
- "Propaganda affirming private ownership , and exposing the inside story of the judiciary under the pretext of upholding human rights."
- Reporting "that touches on customs of minority races and sexuality, playing up aristocratic life and having concubines."
- Playing up "the disintegration of the Soviet Union."
- Propagating "independence for the universities ."

(My source: BBC Monitoring International Reports, March 1, as found on Lexis-Nexis).


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